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Oklahoma legislator one of several to blast family law system

A member of Fathers and Families (F & F) blasted the family law system that exists in Oklahoma, noting that it is unfair and often separates children from the fathers who they love and need, according to an article from the organization.

Fathers and Families reported that Chris Gregory, a member of F & F and former Marine, told an Oklahoma House of Representatives committee that the family law system in the state was unfair and rife with injustices.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has previously conducted a study on family law in the state and the findings were seen to show a need for new legislation to be passed, the news source reported.

A release from the Oklahoma State Legislature noted that lawmakers may consider implementing a “no-fault” divorce statute and revising the laws in order to protect the children within the state.

“There is very little in the divorce process that is even remotely connected to the interest of the children,” State Representative Mark McCullough said in the release.

According to Fathers and Families, a specific case concerning Gregory raised concerns of injustice in the system, as the Oklahoma resident was left with only $26,688 out of his $125,000 salary following payments to his wife and court taxes.

Louisiana program helps fathers in need of child support money

A program that partners a court system in Louisiana and Goodwill Industries could help fathers in the area find work, as the point of this movement is to provide these individuals with a way to pay child support, according to the Shreveport Times.

Charles Ahart, an Arkansas native, was arrested and brought to court in Shreveport, Louisiana, due to the fact that he was unable to provide his child support payments.

The program helped him get his life back on track, and provided a support system so that he could give financial help to his daughter.

“I had no job, no money and no place to go,” he told the Times. “This program has really strengthened me. I went from having nothing to having a job, a house and now a fiancée.”

According to Goodwill Industries, the program is just one of the many job-help initiatives that exist across the country, as a similar effort was created in Macon, Georgia, to help residents get back on their feet.

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Joseph Cordell On Hiring The Best Divorce Lawyer

Joseph CordellChoosing the wrong divorce lawyer is one of “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce,” according to Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell’s newest book.

The Huffington Post asked Cordell to write about the decision-making process guys should go through when deciding the best divorce lawyer to hire for their case.

A lot of guys facing divorce have preconceived notions of the type of attorney they think will be ideal for their case, Cordell wrote on Should you go with the pit bull attorney or Mr. Nice Guy? The man or the woman?

“At Cordell & Cordell, one characteristic that I find stands out with our divorce lawyers is the versatility they can provide in their representation of clients in adapting strategies and comprehensive roadmaps tailored to the client’s needs and stated goals,” Cordell wrote. “We promise our clients intelligently aggressive representation and take it to heart what that promise means.”

To learn which situation calls for which type of attorney and the 5 questions guys must ask when choosing a divorce lawyer, continue reading “Hiring The Right Divorce Lawyer.”


Experiencing a parent’s divorce later in life

Though many people experience the divorce of their parents at a younger age, some individuals are older and go through a completely different process than children who have to deal with a split. The University Daily Kansan noted that older children are often given a more blunt explanation as to what occurred, as parents tend to coddle college students less than kids of a younger age.

Megan Watson, a 21-year-old student, told the news source that she was given the news in a different manner than what happened with her friends when they were younger.

“There wasn’t any sugarcoating what was going on,” she told the Kansan. “There definitely was no, ‘mommy and daddy will still be here and love you,’ like you might expect with a child.”

The Greater San Marcos Youth Council noted that children in development stages will often react in a more outspoken fashion due to their lack of understanding of the situation. Older children can adjust because they see the problem through the eyes of an adult.

“The interesting thing about me being older when this happened is that I’ve formed my own opinion and have seen both sides for myself,” Watson told the Kansan.

English woman receives large payment in divorce deal despite contributing nothing

A divorcee has won her battle against her ex-husband, as she was able to hold on to a multi-million pound settlement, despite having contributed nothing to their shared wealth, according to the Daily Mail.

Jennifer Grubb was awarded a multi-million pound country house set in 40 acres of parkland, more than 75,000 pounds per year in child maintenance payments and a lump sum of several million pounds following a decision that was given by a High Court judge, the news source reported.

Her husband, Anthony Watkins Grubb, challenged the ruling at the Court of Appeal, claiming that he had allegedly contributed 100 percent of the money to their fortune, due mostly to the family assets that he had inherited and increased through investing, the Daily Mail reported.

The Telegraph reported that she took issue with this claim by Anthony, as she claimed that although she contributed no physical earnings, she was allegedly a virtuous wife and had been an emotional support for the family due to the fact that he was busy with business.