Thanks to the good people at SPARC (Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center) for listing Joseph Cordell’s book “Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide to Winning Child Custody,” among other notable books on their recommended reading list.

Here’s what SPARC had to say:

“In ‘Your Civil War: A Dads Guide To Custody,’ Joseph Cordell has compiled an extremely accurate yet succinct guide to the way things work in most divorce and custody battles. Mr. Cordell’s writing is direct, in some cases almost blunt, but he clearly outlines the issues every divorcing father needs to keep in mind in a logical and down-to-earth fashion.

“In Chapter 1, Mr. Cordell writes that this book is ‘not a socio-philosophical discussion,’ and indeed it is not. Filled with practical and usable advice, Mr. Cordell relates some frank truths about how lawyers and judges really behave, and what is likely to influence them.”

Read the full review.

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