In the wake of a reported $100 million-dollar payout awarded to Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, many men and women who are approaching the end of their marriage are no doubt wondering what are their chances of receiving alimony or having to support their ex- or soon-to-be ex-spouse after the divorce is finalized.

What are the factors that go into a court’s determination that one side should continue to support the other after the dissolution of a marriage? How much, if any, should be awarded and for how long? And what role do factors such as fault play in the court’s decision?

In the second article of the Divorce Files series, “Divorce Alimony,” Cordell & Cordell principal partner Joseph Cordell explains the factors that come into play in determining if alimony, or “maintenance” as it is often called, is to be awarded in a divorce.

Cordell explains the roles of fault and state jurisdiction as they apply to awards of alimony or maintenance in divorce by giving real-world examples of how Cordell & Cordell, the world’s largest firm focusing on family law for men, has handled this issue in the past.

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