Across the nation, some men believe they are being victimized by court systems that allow women to make unquestioned, false claims of abuse against their current or ex spouses. In response to these claims, fathers’ rights groups and law firms have begun to fight back.

One such law firm is the St. Louis-based firm Cordell & Cordell. Attorney Dorothy Ripka said there is “a stereotype of prejudice (against men), that has existed for a long, long time.  But stereotypes just aren’t appropriate in determining what’s in the best interest of the child.”

To gain the upper hand in divorce and custody battles, some women have begun to seek protective orders with false claims of abuse.

Ripka called protective orders “the most abused process in our court system. People use it to get a leg up in the court system all the time. It becomes a he said/she said. You have to prove something didn’t happen.”

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