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10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make On Sale

Attorney Joe Cordell

Each year 500,000 American men will face divorce—and in the process, most of them will make at least one really stupid mistake.

At first these missteps might seem inconsequential. They might be as trivial or well-intentioned as “moving out while this gets sorted out,” or thinking of “temporary” orders as being truly temporary.

But however well-intentioned or insignificant they might seem at the time, these blunders can lose a man his house, his income, or even his kids.

The fact is that most men know next to nothing about what goes into deciding a divorce in a court of law. And it ends up costing them.

THE 10 STUPIDEST MISTAKES MEN MAKE WHEN FACING DIVORCE: And How to Avoid Them (Three Rivers Press Paperback Original, December 7, 2010) is an invaluable and authoritative new guide for men who find themselves trying to navigate a divorce.

Author Joseph Cordell is the founder of the nation’s leading law firm for men facing divorce, Cordell & Cordell, and the creator of When it comes to divorces, Cordell and his firm have seen it all, and they have pulled together the best and most consistently useful advice from all of the cases they have handled.

Every example featured in THE 10 STUPIDEST MISTAKES MEN MAKE WHEN FACING DIVORCE is from an actual case—and every piece of advice has been proven to work time and time again.

With this handbook, you will not only learn about the most common mistakes made by men during a divorce, but also how to avoid them, and how to deal with these errors once they have already been made. Some of the typical mistakes addressed in bookinclude:

No. 1: Moving Out. By moving out before divorce proceedings begin, the man is jeopardizing any chance of joint custody or keeping the house.

No. 3: Waiting for Your Wife to File. Not filing first can negatively affect your future in terms of money, how much time you spend with your kids, and your overall state of being.

No. 5: Neglecting the Children. Saying that you want custody of the children, and then not being there when it is important can make you look disingenuous and will only hurt you.

No. 6: Doing a Sloppy Job on Financial Records. Not having an accurate account of your family’s finances can lead tothe court taking your soon-to-be-ex’s side in financial matters.

No. 8: Revealing Too Much on the Internet. No matter how seemingly innocent, everything you do on the Internet can not only be traced, it can be misconstrued and used against you.

Every step of the divorce process, from the first filing to the final settlement, can be influenced to help produce a more favorable outcome. Men just need to know what mistakes to avoid, what tips to follow, and what really matters in preparing for a divorce.

Drawing from Joseph Cordell’s years of professional experience, THE 10 STUPIDEST MISTAKES MEN MAKE WHEN FACING DIVORCE is an invaluable resource for any man who is ready to face his divorce head on and mistake free.



Joseph Cordell, Esq., is founder, with his wife, Yvonne, of Cordell & Cordell, P.C., based in St. Louis, one of the leading law firms in the United States in representing men in family law cases. He received his B.S. in accountancy at Oklahoma State and his juris doctorate degree from the University of Texas. He is also the creator of



By Joseph Cordell, Esq.

Three Rivers Press • On-sale Date: December 7, 2010 • 978-0-307-58980-4 • $15.00

Also available as an ebook



Is Divorce Insurance Worth the Investment?

Cordell & Cordell managing partner Scott Trout weighed in on the latest divorce trend: divorce insurance.

Trout was interviewed by WOWT-TV, an NBC affiliate in Omaha, Neb., on the topic and if divorce insurance dooms a marriage before it begins.

“I think that’s a really, really bad way to start your marriage,” Trout said. “I think it’s too easy, and I think people find it their own therapy to just get divorced. They don’t want to work on it. It’s sad.”

In an attempt to ease the financial hardship divorce brings, Wedlock Divorce Insurance sells policies that pay if couples divorce after at least four years of marriage.

But Trout warns that from a legal standpoint, those benefits paid out could be considered community property. So a judge may order the couple to split the benefits regardless of who paid for the policy.

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