Father's DayOn Father’s Day, families take time to appreciate the love and selflessness dads show for their families all year long. Far too often, we fail to fully appreciate the contributions dads make, but the role they play in raising children is invaluable and essential.

In so many areas of life, society stacks the deck against fathers. They face outdated gender stereotypes that tend to relegate them to the role of secondary parent, and even Father’s Day ad campaigns have marginalized dads in recent years.

If you are a father who has recently gone through a divorce, the situation can be even more dire. Although the shared parenting movement has made much progress in reforming the country’s child custody laws, we still see dads get the short end of the stick far too frequently.

Nonetheless, if you are a divorced dad you should never lose sight of the fact that you are still a dad and the role you play in your children’s lives is irreplaceable. Your kids are much better off having a dad who is loving, reliable, and emotionally engaged.

From all of us at Cordell & Cordell, Happy Father’s Day.

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