Call Us Fathers' Rights

Fairfax Divorce Law for Men

Cordell & Cordell is the largest domestic litigation firm that focuses on men’s divorce. Our attorneys in Fairfax have a deep understanding of the battle you’ll face as a man in family court. We’ve built our practice on helping men keep their rights when they are involved in a divorce, including maximizing their role in their children’s lives. We also focus on preserving you and your children’s financial interests.

Our aim is to help men succeed in family court. We’ll do our best to educate you about the divorce proceedings so that you’re prepared for court. We’ll be a partner men can count on when they need a:

  • Child custody lawyer
  • Child support lawyer
  • Family law attorney

At Cordell & Cordell, our Fairfax divorce lawyer wants to assist you in weathering your divorce with as little conflict and cost as possible. We understand that a father’s rights are very important and that a divorce brings out strong emotions in each party. This is why we’ll work hard to support you throughout the process. Call today to set up an appointment.

Fairfax Client Testimonials


“I am blown away by [my attorney]. … [My attorney] is extremely professional and perhaps the top listener I’ve met in my life. If we go off on a tangent, she gets me right back onto the topic or purpose of the call.  … I have two cases going on right now and she’s busting her tail-end making stuff happen. She handles her affairs and stress efficiently and effectively. She and [her Legal Administrative Assistant] always get back to me; they work in tandem and are NO JOKE. They have a great team going.”


“I am very appreciative of the quality of representation I am receiving. Ms. Woods has proven to be extremely knowledgeable and has exhibited exceptional professionalism in the handling of my highly contested case.”


“You know, I have had a very positive experience with [my attorney] so far. [My attorney] is a good listener and seems to care about my case. … I feel [she] will fight for me. The communication is good, and she and I are always on the same page. … I’m happy I have [my attorney] on my case.”