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Austin Divorce Law for Men

Cordell & Cordell is the largest domestic litigation firm that focuses on men’s divorce. Our attorneys in Austin have a deep understanding of the battle you’ll face as a man in family court. We’ve built our practice on helping men keep their rights when they are involved in a divorce, including maximizing their role in their children’s lives. We also focus on preserving you and your children’s financial interests.

Our aim is to help men succeed in family court. We’ll do our best to educate you about the divorce proceedings so that you’re prepared for court. We’ll be a partner men can count on when they need a:

  • Child custody lawyer
  • Child support lawyer
  • Family law attorney

At Cordell & Cordell, our Austin divorce lawyer wants to assist you in weathering your divorce with as little conflict and cost as possible. We understand that a father’s rights are very important and that a divorce brings out strong emotions in each party. This is why we’ll work hard to support you throughout the process. Call today to set up an appointment.

Austin Client Testimonials


“I am just amazed at the service I have gotten from Cordell & Cordell. … You guys didn’t make excuses or try to talk me out of anything. You may be expensive, but you’ve also been upfront about that as well. My case is very complicated and very new as far as what Texas has seen over the years. It is the my understanding that this has only been tried locally by the supreme courts. Despite that, Raul has been amazing to work with! There are a lot of negative things you can say about attorneys, but not Raul or his paralegal … Raul is extremely professional. It’s impressive to see the way the judge interacts with him versus opposing counsel because of the difference in professionalism. It has truly been eye-opening. Raul has been extremely professional and upfront. Sometimes it’s better to buy a Mercedes versus a Volkswagen. Cordell & Cordell is definitely the Mercedes, and I’m definitely getting my money’s worth!”


“I’ve been so pleased with Raul and your whole administrative team. He’s a fantastic attorney, and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. I’m so thankful I hired you guys.”


“Cassandra has done such an amazing job! She’s definitely made my life less stressful. She always gets back to me right away and has made sure the opposing party/counsel cannot drag this out. I have no complaints. Cassandra has done so well with helping me through this. Anytime anything new happens with my case, I am notified that day. Cassandra is great!”