Stephanie Horton

Associate Attorney

Raleigh divorce attorney Stephanie HortonRaleigh divorce attorney Stephanie Horton has always possessed a deep-rooted sense of fairness. When she first started practicing, she couldn’t help but notice obvious disparities in how men and women were treated by the courts in family law situations.

That disparity was made even more apparent when a  close male family member went through a divorce or custody case. She noticed instances where, even when the father won primary custody of his children, the journey was clearly more costly and difficult than it would have been for a woman.

“This experience, combined with my own experiences in representing men in family law matters, touched deeply my sense of fairness and instilled in me a drive to provide my clients with the best representation possible in order to ensure that all parties were treated fairly, competently, and compassionately during an already challenging chapter of their lives,” Ms. Horton said.

Ms. Horton is compassionate toward each one of her clients. She works to understand their goals and concerns and works diligently to achieve the best resolution in all cases.

She understands the complexities of family law, and while she can’t promise an easy journey, she does everything she guide each of her clients through every step of the process.

“A family law case is a marathon and not a sprint,” Ms. Horton said. “There will be mountains to climb and valleys in which you will descend.

“Be prepared for the journey and  highs and lows that will come with it, and know that the end of the legal case will be the beginning of yet another challenge: Finding a new normal.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Horton is licensed to practice in North Carolina and Virginia.


Ms. Horton graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame. She earned her Juris Doctor, while graduating with honors, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Horton practiced consumer bankruptcy defense (chapters 6 and 13) and family law.


Ms. Horton is a member of the Wayne County Bar Association, the 8th Judicial District Bar, the North Carolina State Bar and the Virginia Bar Association.



“Very pleased with the process so far. Stephanie is such an advocate for her clients and that can be proven even with her emails. “


This is my first divorce, and hopefully my last. I could not be more pleased with Stephanie. Stephanie is a wonderful attorney, very knowledgeable and focused. Stephanie is also friendly and down to earth. Her advice is good too. I hope she has continued success in the field.”


“Ms. Horton always gave me options and let me decide. She would then give me the potential outcomes of my decision and we would discuss further to see if adjustments needed to be made to my sometimes hasty decisions. She was always correct with her suggestions. Me? Not so much. I was never scratching my head as to what was going to happen next because Ms. Horton always let me know prior. Even if she could not give an exact time frame, I knew what was next …”


“Stephanie is overall just fantastic, very responsive, [and] very understanding. Stephanie is a great support tool to lean on during this unfortunate time in my life. She has been phenomenal. Stephanie is truly doing a great job!”


“Stephanie did an excellent job on my case. Stephanie was very approachable, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs and goals. I think the firm overall is very good.”


“Stephanie’s responsiveness was consistently timely throughout my entire case. I really appreciated her staying on top of my case at all times and [her willingness] to work on my case whenever work needed to be completed, despite her schedule. Very impressed and grateful for picking your firm and for Stephanie.”


“Stephanie is such a great support system. She seems to stay on top of things. I know you guys are all busy and have a lot to do, but Stephanie makes me feel like I’m her most important client. I have already started recommending her to people. You may be ending up with a lot more female clients.”


“Stephanie and your firm were a great help during a  tough time. Ms. Horton was always professional, very knowledgeable and compassionate. [I] just could not have asked for a better attorney. I have recommended both Stephanie and the firm to others.”


“I am very pleased with Stephanie’s work on my case. Another thing I have noticed is that Stephanie is very responsive. Stephanie gets back to me quickly on all days and at all hours. I believe we are working very well together.”


“Stephanie is very professional, competent and hard working. It really shows when you talk to her. [She is] incredibly kind and good-natured too. Nothing but accolades for Stephanie.”


“Stephanie is extremely helpful, professional, and very intelligent. I was so blessed to have her help with my case. She has done an excellent job. Thank you so much for all of your help.”


“I was very pleased with Mrs. Horton, and I think very highly of her. Mrs. Horton showed a great deal of compassion for my case and my needs. She listened to my needs and called me personally when she wanted to discuss my case with me. She made me feel as though she had a personal vested interest in my case and helped alleviate some anxiety. The office staff was also very cordial and accommodating.”


“Stephanie has been quick to return my calls, keep me updated on my case and provide valuable legal advice.  I am more than happy with her and am glad that I hired Cordell & Cordell. …”


“Stephanie provides very personable service; that is what sets her apart.  I have never felt like ‘just another case’ or a ‘number.’  I feel like a real person with needs and goals.  Stephanie works well with me in helping me achieve what I have set out to accomplish.  I am very thankful that she is my attorney.”