Sarah Rizzolo

Associate Attorney

sarah rizzolo attorneyMs. Rizzolo comes from a family of ten lawyers and is accustomed to dealing with complex family law matters.

Since receiving her law degree from the University of Denver in 2005, Ms. Rizzolo has focused mostly on divorce and custody cases.

With a background in sociology, she brings her study of different human behaviors to the table with her cases.

“Many times, divorce or custody cases are contested, and it is sometimes necessary to expose the other side to get the desired results at trial,” said Ms. Rizzolo. “The ability to see through the other side’s hogwash is also beneficial in settling cases.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Rizzolo is licensed in Colorado.


Ms. Rizzolo earned her bachelor’s degree with a major in sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She received her juris doctorate from the University of Denver.

Professional Experience

Before joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Rizzolo practiced family law, civil litigation and landlord/tenant law. While in law school, Ms. Rizzolo practiced under the Student Practice Rule as a guardian ad litem, representing the best interest of a child in dependency and neglect cases.


Ms. Rizzolo belongs to the Colorado Bar Association and the Boulder Bar Association.



“Sarah Rizzolo was amazing. She kept me calm when I was an emotional basket case. I am completely happy with what we got. I plan to use Sarah again.”


“She works into the night; she works non-stop to meet the goals and expectations of her clients.”


“My case is complicated, but I feel like she is in my corner and she is there for me. Sarah is a solid professional.  [She is] very honest and does not promise what can not be delivered. She is very responsive with information, even after hours. “


“Sarah is very personable; she is able to see the client’s perspective very well. I have every confidence in her as my attorney and will continue to use her for all my legal matters. Sarah is also very experienced and compassionate, and she really uses every tool at her disposal to fight for the client’s rights. She hears the needs of her clients and she pursues them diligently. Overall, I would say I am very happy with the work Sarah has put in on my case.”


“Sarah is a true professional lawyer. Sarah was extremely confident of her ability and track record. I was extremely satisfied with the way she handled the entire process.”


“My attorney, Sarah Rizzolo, and the Boulder office have treated me like family [from] the very first time I walked through the doors. They have made my process going through my horrible divorce easier to go through from believing in me and defending me at every level. … I can’t thank Sarah and her team enough.”


“I thought my case was hopeless, [but] your staff  has given me hope and faith with a hard-working team. Even if the end results are not what I hoped for, they all tried very hard …”


“Sarah makes sure I know all my options before making any move. She is courteous and professional as well as humble enough to admit she doesn’t know it all and is willing to seek advice from in-office peers. I am very pleased and impressed with Sarah.”


“I’ve been with Sarah for 10 years and she’s done everything well.  I can’t imagine dealing with all the ridiculousness without her. I’ve already actively referred people to her.”


“It was a very good experience.  [Sarah] did amazing things. She’s an amazing person.”


“In my opinion, Sarah has done everything well.  I couldn’t be happier with choosing Cordell & Cordell, and especially Sarah.  She’s done a phenomenal job, and because of her I’ve been put in a great position in going through custody with my children’s mother. I really couldn’t be happier.”


“Sarah was great.  It did not matter what time of day, Sarah would get back in touch with me.  Sarah was amazing and perfect.  For a very stressful divorce, Sarah took it all on and shielded me from a lot of the negativity.”


“[Sarah] went above and beyond. She carries a heavy load and really stays on top of things. Sometimes I’d even get an email at two in the morning! She always knew what was going on with my case.”