Kristina Cervone

Senior Attorney

Scottsdale divorce lawyer Kristina Cervone Growing up in a divorced household, Scottsdale divorce lawyer Kristina Cervone saw firsthand what happens to families of divorce. That personal experience has given her a passion to help people through this difficult and painful chapter of their life with the least amount of angst possible.

Although Ms. Cervone is extremely empathetic toward her clients as they struggle through the challenges of divorce, she is also candid when discussing their case and what they can realistically expect to achieve in court.

Ms. Cervone’s background makes her uniquely suited to relate to clients from all backgrounds. She grew up splitting time between parents – one in New Jersey and the other in Arizona. She also spent time in the military where she dealt with people from all over this world.

“This helps me to relate to all of my clients,” Ms. Cervone said. “No matter where they are from or what their background is, I am most likely familiar with it and I can empathize with what they are going through.”


Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Cervone is licensed in Arizona and New Mexico.


Ms. Cervone earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She received her Juris Doctor from Arizona Summmit Law School.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Cervone practiced Business Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation Law, and Estate Planning Law.


Ms. Cervone is a member of the Arizona State Bar Association, the New Mexico Bar Association, and the Maricopa County Bar Association.



“… Kristina made me feel good, at ease and not worried at all anymore. Kristina’s representation has been awesome!”



“Kristina is phenomenal! I couldn’t have gone through this difficult time without her. When I wasn’t strong enough, Kristina was strong for me. She is always going the extra mile for everything I have asked of her. I couldn’t be happier to have Kristina in my corner.”



“Kristina is doing a great job. She has my best interest in and mind and I’m looking forward to getting through this situation.”



“Kristina is providing great representation. With not really knowing this process, it’s really nice to have someone like her to rely on.”


“Kristina Cervone has surpassed all my expectations. She is professional, caring, and has been articulate throughout this whole process making it easier for me to make decisions. She is a quality attorney.”


“Kristina was thorough, and she always provided me full explanation of what was happening and why. I always felt that I had sufficient details of the situation and how we were progressing with the case. I felt updated and informed along the way. She was also very courteous and prompt. I am very happy to do with business with you.”


“Kristina is wonderful. She calls me back late at night and even on the weekends, so I know she works hard. She has really good answers and gives me good direction. It has been a good experience so far, and she has helped me a lot.”


“Kristina has been great. She has dealt with my inconsistent personality with grace and professionalism”


“I really had a hard time standing up to my ex coming into the divorce … Kristina was just what I needed to learn to stand up to her and demand my rights. I will always be in debt to her for helping me fight that battle.”


“I was really pleased with the results. It was nice working with Kristina. Also, it’s nice to know that there is someone, a firm, out there for men … The marketing geared towards men was nice to hear.”


“I think that Kristina is very professional and very good at what she does. She has a passion to make sure her clients are taken care of, and I think that really makes her successful in getting tasks accomplished. It showed that she was invested in my life and my daughter’s life, and I couldn’t appreciate that more.”

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