Bradley Marsicek

Senior Attorney

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Marsicek  is licensed in Nebraska and Iowa.


Mr. Marsicek earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He obtained a juris doctor from the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Marsicek held a number of different positions. He has served as In-House Counsel for a Fortune 500 Insurance Company, owned his own law firm, and served as an Attorney-Contractor for the state of Nebraska.


Mr. Marsicek is a member of the Nebraska Bar Association.



“Bradley Marsicek seemed to be very in tune with my divorce, and in my opinion, I don’t believe there could have been anyone better for my case. The end results of my divorce are very satisfying thanks to Brad’s dedication on this matter. …”


“Brad was a rock star! He was always prepared and always available to answer any questions and explain things as they happened. [He] always gave straight answers and never dodged even the tough questions. I was honored to have him represent me. He is very professional and also very compassionate; great combination when dealing with the crappy circumstances that I would guess most people have to endure when dealing with family law.”


“I really appreciate Brad’s level of engagement. It often seems like I’m his only client, when I know very well that I’m not. Unless Brad is in court, he always responds immediately when I reach out. I have been very happy with my representation!”


“Brad does a great job! He is always communicating with me and making sure I understand what’s going on. I have been very happy with what’s going on. I feel I’ve been billed fairly and that the firm has treated me well.”


“Brad is very quick to respond when I reach out. He has even made himself available on the weekends in the past. Brad has been very informative.  He takes the time to explain everything and make sure I thoroughly understand. …”


“Like a lot of people, I didn’t like lawyers very much. … Mr. Bradley Marsicek has forever slain that stereotype in the mind of this very satisfied client.  From the very first meeting with Mr. Marsicek, I knew that this was going to be a different kind of experience. I was a shaken wreck at that opening meeting, in an absolutely terrified panic that my six-year-old daughter and I were going to be torn apart. Bradley calmed me down and opened my eyes and mind with targeted, intelligent questions, reassurances made without implausible promises, effective listening and, in response to my description of the situation, a clear strategy that made sense and fit me personally.   Throughout the months of preparation his advice and guidance not only made strategic sense but also felt right from an ethical standpoint. I did not have to compromise my personal sense of integrity.  … In the process of achieving that victory he earned the respect of the judge, the opposing counsel and the witnesses from both sides.  Mr. Bradley Marsicek has earned my deepest respect and gratitude. … Even though all of my legal fees are paid, I will forever be deeply indebted to Brad for his diligence, instinct and … hard work on my behalf. Cordell & Cordell are very fortunate to have this brilliant attorney and fine human being on their team.”


“Brad did a very, very good job. There were times I let my emotions get the best of me, and Brad did a good job of helping to put things into perspective and help me maintain a positive outlook.”


“I wish I would have known about you all sooner! Brad has really been helping me to fix that mistake! He’s been great! Both Brad and [his Litigation Manager] always give me all my options. I have nothing but good things to say! They have worked hard to fix the many mistakes made from my prior attorney. They are extremely quick in response and move very fast to repair these issues!”