Blake Reed

Associate Attorney

Indianapolis divorce lawyer Blake ReedEarly on in his career, Indianapolis divorce lawyer Blake Reed noticed something unique about practicing family law.

As he assisted clients through one of the most difficult times of their lives, and he dealt with issues regarding child custody, visitation, child support and division of assets, he realized he was able to build a more personal connection with them as compared to tort disputes and other aspects of general practice.

“In summary, the appeal is representing clients by protecting the most important aspect of their individual life, their legacy, i.e. their children and assets,” Mr. Reed said.

Mr. Reed takes pride in his attention to detail, a characteristic that facilitates a deep understanding of each client’s unique case.

He also understands the emotional toll a divorce case can take. He helps each of his clients to remain focused on their goals as they go through each step of the process.

“The process can be long and emotionally draining,” Mr. Reed said. “You have to expect the unexpected. Emotionally speaking, there will be some emotional highs and emotional lows throughout the case as we react to the opposing party and the court.

“Family law is dynamic. The strength of our case could change at any  moment, depending upon the opposing party, the Court, and of course my client.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Reed is licensed in Indiana.


Mr. Reed received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and graduated Magna Cum Laude at Indiana State University. He earned his Juris Doctor and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Valparaiso School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Reed practiced Family Law and other areas of general practice. In addition, he was also a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Vigo County, Indiana.


Mr. Reed is a member of the Terre Haute Bar Association.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

  • Indiana State University, Adjunct Faculty, Ethics and Organization, Fall 2014
  • Harris College, Adjunct Faculty: Introduction to Criminal Courts, Spring 2014 Quarter; Criminal Law and Social Policy, Fall 2014 Quarter
  • Mr. Reed frequently contributes responses to Ask a Lawyer questions for



“… I will say I was probably one of the least organized clients Mr. Reed has had, … but he’s done an awesome job of making heads or tails out of all of the information and documents I’ve given him. He’s really done a great job working with me.”


“I think that Blake Reed and [his Practice Manager] did the best they could with my situation. I can’t recommend anything that they could have done better. They both did a fine job, and I really appreciate all their hard work.”


“As hectic as things get in a process like this, it was very comforting to have Blake to decipher what was needed and go through things with me. Blake did an outstanding job with everything. He was awesome.”


“Blake Reed was absolutely amazing. He came prepared for anything at the hearing. I was blown away with everything from start to finish. It was worth every penny.”


“I knew my divorce would be pretty simple in the grand scheme of things, but Blake Reed has been great at filling in the gaps. … He’s helped me with protecting myself in the situation in general and has really encouraged me to look at the whole picture.”


“I am very pleased with how much communication my attorney has given me. I am not left in the dark on any issue. … I feel I’ve made a great decision in hiring this law firm.”


“Blake is an outstanding attorney. He keeps me updated very well. He has also opened the door for me to establish a relationship with my son and to mediate our issue instead of battle it out in court. I am very pleased with Blake and this law firm. It is great knowing I don’t have to do this alone and I have their support.”


“From the moment that I called for the consultation, it’s been top-notch service.  I have zero complaints.  If I need legal services in the future, I’ll definitely use you guys again.”


“I was totally blown away by the expertise and quickness with which my case was handled. It finally seemed something was in my favor, and I was able to feel confident again on getting issues resolved … I felt my concerns were understood by my attorney.  I was extremely satisfied with the process. Thank you.”


“Blake is a true gentleman. He could’ve really changed the direction of the case as there were a lot of moving parts, but he stayed professional the entire time. Blake was helpful, understanding, respectful, responsible, and attentive. I think being a real listener is important in this role, and Blake did that. It was almost like going to therapy.”


“I came to you guys for an emancipation order, but I really wish I would’ve used your firm for my whole divorce process as I think it would’ve gone a lot smoother.  I have been very happy with the level of comfort and knowledge Blake has given to me.”

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