Andy M. Leger

Associate Attorney

Andy LegerAndy M. Leger was drawn to the law as a career because he was fascinated by the real-life drama played out in courtrooms every day.

“As a practicing attorney I love arguing cases in court, but I especially love seeing lives change for the better and knowing I had a small part in helping it come about,” Mr. Leger said. “I am passionate about maximizing custody rights for men because, in most instances, it is better for the fathers, the children, and even the mothers. It is also better for society at large.”

In practicing family law, Mr. Leger believes sincerity is important because the client needs to know he can trust his attorney.

“And the judge needs to trust you,” he said. “Unless you maintain credibility with your client and with the court you cannot effectively practice law.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Leger is licensed to practice law in Utah.


Mr. Leger received his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor from the University of Utah.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Leger primarily practiced family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense.


Mr. Leger is a member of the Utah State Bar.



“I am really happy overall with Andy’s work on the case. I have been very impressed with his dedication level.”


“Andy Leger is really on the ball. … I am very pleased with him.”


“Andy Leger represented my case really well. He was very detailed, on top of things, communicated timely with me, explained all procedures and what I needed to do, and I feel he got me the fairest compensation available.”



“I have been very happy with the process from my end so far.  Occasionally I have the sense that I need to know which questions to ask to get the answers or options I need, but Andy has always been very good to spend time talking me through the questions I have had. Andy is a good attorney in my somewhat limited experience with lawyers, and Cordell & Cordell has been good.”


“It was a great feeling to know that someone had my back. I am very happy with what Andy has done for me.”


“I think Andy is doing great. He always keeps me well informed on what is going on in my case and what the next steps are. He is great at checking in with me to see how things are going. I am very happy with him.”


“What impressed me the most was when things were difficult and sensitive, Andy was extremely responsive. He returns calls after hours and on the weekends.”


“If you want an honest attorney then Andy is the way to go. He was excellent at laying out the appropriate steps for me and where my case was going and provided straightforward and valuable answers to my questions along the way.”


“I am very happy with my decision to use Cordell & Cordell.  They are a nationwide firm that has the resources needed to protect my family and myself. The attorney they paired me up with , Andy Leger,  has been very good at understanding my situation and working through things with me. The bottom line is Andy is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure my rights as a father and the rights of my children are acknowledged and prioritized. He has been very consistent and responsive throughout my case. He really looks out for me and my kids. I am very appreciative of everything he has done.”


“It’s an unfortunate situation that I never anticipated I would be in, but the representation I am receiving with the firm has taken a load of my shoulders. Andy has laid out my case clearly and in simple terms. I have full trust in him.”


“He has done a great job at putting my mind at ease and answering my questions. I sleep a lot better these days with Andy as my attorney”


“It went awesome. … [I have] nothing but great things to say about Andy;  I count him as a friend. Andy and I were on the same page about getting my case wrapped up as expeditiously as possible. Andy would call me back at all hours and was incredibly helpful. Very positive experience with your firm …”

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